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Check In On Your Own Mental Health

This month I’ve decided to remind you and myself about mental health. This is probably more me reminding myself than anything, but hopefully I can remind you as well. Life’s been crazy for me, we started an online business, bought a rental property, and on top of everything my role at work shifted into something that never existed before at my company. So about this time last year I had to shift my mindset to focus on all these things in order to make sure they were all successful. But that shift has impacted my personal well being and I can not continue to grind in this manner.

They say work hard play hard right? But when your life is consumed by work, the play is not as enjoyable. At some point we have to realize success and dial back the grind and dial in things that support personal well being. It’s all part of the cycles or seasons of life. During this last year I ate like shit, gained almost 20 pounds, lost my workout routine, spent too much time looking at news, stocks, social media, and all of this has taken its toll and is now impacting my mental health.

So what do we do? Well we need to pause, take a minute to identify unnecessary signal, adjust our schedules, make the time needed to find mental peace, and make time to do things we personally love to do. So for myself I had to cancel unnecessary meetings, stop waking up to my phone and looking at the stock market, focus on a healthy diet, shift my workout schedule to 6am, and most of all accept the success we have had with the online store Chaxel, accept the fact that our rental home is successfully renting out consistently, accept the fact that the role I am in is established, up and running, and I am driving additional impact that supports a large organization like Meta. Bottom line is I am proud of where I am and now I need to focus on myself in order to support my mental health and work/life balance.

If the changes I have made do not get me where I need to be mentally, then I am prepared to seek counseling for help. Not because I’m going crazy, but because I can, and if I can curb depression before it’s really starts I will do that. I have a lot more going on besides what I have mentioned above, but in order to deliver impact across everything I do, I need to recognize when I need to take a break and focus on myself for a min. Doesn’t mean I’m dropping anything just means I will shift my pace in these areas to allow for me time.

So in closing I hope that I have inspired those of you who are stressed out grindin and may not be aware of your mental health. Don’t let it get to the point where depressions and exhaustion start affecting your family and home life. Take a second for yourself, evaluate your situation, and

adjust your life in order to help make sure you'r keeping your head space healthy. And if you can’t do it on your own, get help, get help right away!

Thriving is not only about culture, gainz, and progress. Thriving is about you and I maintaining as healthy of a lifestyle as possible. Mental health is apart of it.



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Oct 03, 2022

Great reminder for all of us! Keep on THRIVIN!

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