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Make Airline Traveling Easy

So hoping that you are planning on heading out to travel! I travel domestically pretty frequently, so I figured maybe I could share some pointers on what helps me with successful travel in the US. I’m not an expert on international travel, but I know that there are some pointers that will translate, and I’ll cover what I do know.


So let’s get started!


First of all depending on how much you travel in the US, you may want to make your life easier by getting TSA Pre-Check. It’s not hard to do and once you are approved it last 5 years. So why, why do you need TSA Pre-check? Often you can save a significant amount of time in security lines, you will not have to take off your shoes (most of the time), and you will not have to take the liquids and laptop out of your bags. This will change your security check experience significantly.


Now whether you have TSA-PreCheck or not, the following will also help you travel a lot easier as well. I usually travel with a carry on regardless, unless it’s a day trip. The reasons are the following:

  1. I like to have clothes with me just in case, you never know if your checked bags get lost.

  2. You should be able to carry on 2 bags on a plane and it’s a lot easier if you find a backpack or laptop bag that is designed to strap onto a carry on so you'r not physically wearing it.

  3. It can be a great foot rest while waiting for the plane to board.

So obviously reason 1&2 matter most, nothing like flying somewhere and having your checkin bag with all your clothes gets lost. Also depending on how long you have to wait at the airport, having to carry or wear a backpack or bag becomes a bit much as well.


What do I wear?

  1. I usually travel pretty chill, casual gear even sweats if possible.

  2.  Tennis shoes, sandals, or slides are a must!

  3. Minimal jewelry, especially if your wearing metal jewelry. Usually gold, silver, or platinum is cool, but if you have too much on it could set off the detectors.

I see people wear all kinds of shit all the time and get help up in security. If you TSA Precheck and stick to the 3 items above you should get through the detectors easily. The following are items of concern you should be conserned with:

  1. Belts - if your belt is made of a lot of metal prepare to take it off.

  2. Shoes - dress shoes, boots, heals, often times have metal in them and set off the detectors

  3. Injuries repaired with metal, it happens someone always shows up with some type of surgery where metal was used and sets off the detector.

  4. Watches: I can confirm the Apple Watch never sets off the detector, but most watches do.

Now if you'r not in pre-check you'r going to have to take all these things off anyway, so don’t wear your holy socks lol, unless it’s Sunday maybe.


What do I bring in my carry on?

Usually a carry on bag that is 22x14x9 size carry on or smaller will work on most planes. I usually pack the following:

  1. 2 days of clothes and most of my underwear and socks.

  2. Gym clothes and shoes, if you'r gonna gym.

  3. Toiletries, remember that your liquids have to be packed in bottles that hold less than 3.4 ounces.

    1. I have little bottles that I refill for certain things mostly lotion, Cuzz it’s my special kind.

I pack like this just in case, usually I travel with just carry on bags, but if I do check a bag I have enough clothes for 2-3 days in my carry on in case my checked bag gets lost. I also have everything I need to beautify myself for the trip and arguably I can wear my gym clothes out if needed.


In my other bag or backpack I usually travel with the following:

  1. Machine or Ipad for light work or movies, I always have movies.

  2. Headset for music or movies, I must always be entertained.

    1. Over the ear headsets for long travel.

    2. AirPods for short trips

    3. Regular wired set for plane movies.

  3. Cables to charge my devices

  4. Backup battery

And you could bring the following though I never do and probably should:

  1. Food and snacks depending on long the trip is, but you can not bring drinks.

  2. A book even coloring books especially for youngins.


What about my checked bags?

Everything else including liquids can be tossed in your checked bag just remember the following:

  1. Weight should be below 50lbs

  2. They throw these bags around so protect fragile items in your bag, especially liquids.

  3. Weapons, don’t do it, I wouldn’t so not going to comment on this. Please check with the airline your flying with.

  4. Last if checking a bag you have to check it in an hour before the flight so get to the airport early, international is 2 hours.


Ok so we are set ready to get to the airport!


Getting to the airport.

So if possible I like to get dropped off on longer flights because parking gets expensive so I’ll usually take a lyft. Shorter trips out of LA I park at the parking spot or airport parking depending on how long the trip is. Always consider the time it will take to shuttle to the airport if using a parking service. I usually account for 30-45 mins.


Checking in

  1. Always check in on your phone before you get to the airport or print your paper ticket. You usually can do so 24 hours before your flight and save your ticket in your phone wallet. If you'r checking a bag do so when you checkin for your ticket, this way you can easily print your bag ticket at the airport and drop off your bag at the bag check drop off.

    1. Note: if checking a bag add another 30min just in case the airport is busy.

  2. When approaching the checkpoint:

    1. TSA pre-check: life’s easy especially if you followed instructions above. Just have your ticket and ID ready.

      1. Adding clear can make this process even easier and puts you in front of the TSA pre-check line.

    2. Normal line: same as above but usually just a longer line. Be prepared to wait up to 30mins here as well.

  3. Security scan:

    1. With TSA pre-check if you took my advice just throw your phone and keys in your backpack or bag and walk right through the scanners. Your carryon bag should scan fine as well. No need to take out laptops, toiletries, take off shoes, or belts.

    2. Normal security scan you will need to take off shoes, pull out laptops, remove all liquids, and take off belts.


And that’s about it, enjoy your trip, your bags should be fine. You can now get liquids and even eat at the airport if there’s time. I’m usually headset on chillin waiting for my flight. I also wear my headset on the plane because it usually keeps people from talking to me. Not that I’m anti social or anything but I’m also not trying to have a full on convo during the whole flight. So eat, sleep, drink, listen to music, watch a movie, catch up on work while you fly.


Just remember it’s the same coming home be aware of the following:

  1. Did you buy shit?

    1. I usually keep room in my checked bag if I’m on a trip where I’m gonna buy something.

    2. Don’t buy shit lol

  2. Rental cars, make sure you have enough time to drop it off and shuttle to the airport. Usually add 30 to 45 mins for this.


So that’s it, I hope I helped those who may wonder how to make life easier when traveling. It’s not perfect, but works well for me, I’m usually chillin at the terminal within 30min of getting to the airport.


Safe travels and enjoy the Holiday!


B, Keep Thrivin!




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