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My Independence Day

As we approach the celebration of Independence for America I find myself at a crossroads in regard to what that means. Arguably for many it’s the day we won our freedom, but when we say we, who do we mean?

In my mind I still see many fighting for their freedom, other cultures, people, who still are not quite accepted by the “American Society”, who for some reason don’t seem to qualify as Real Americans.

I am a first generation born American on both sides of my family. My culture is Filipino, Black, Haitian, and Hiphop. I often question my patriotism not because I hate America but most of the time I feel like I don’t fit in. I Love the 4th of July, I love celebrating the independence of my country, but I’m often left feeling like my version of America is not Real American.

This blog isn’t intended to shit on any American who loves their country for how they know it. This blog is in support of Americans who celebrate 4th of July their way. Let’s not forget about all the different cultures and people that helped to fight for American Independence, they all deserve to celebrate their patriotism as well.

I can no longer allow this degraded feeling of being accepted by society to impede my celebration of freedom, I mean who is society today? When we say real Americans today, I believe we mean, black, brown, white, Asian, Arabic, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, men, woman, gay, tranny, and non- binary, etc. We’re all Americans, Real Americans, and if we truly believe in Patriotism, then we believe that Real Americans are every American Citizen in this country.

This isn’t a revolution on Independence, it’s an evolution, an evolution of inclusion. I often feel like I don’t relate to those who have legacy of Armed Forces in their Family. Not sure why I let that happen, it’s odd to me. It’s fucking ridiculous when my Grandfather joined the US Airforce in the Philippines it’s how he brought his family to the US and it’s how my mother met my father, my grandmother on my fathers side was married to someone in the Airforce, my grandpa Brooks. My brother and my nephew Michael Rest In Peace were both in the Navy. My point being is that I myself have allowed for stereotypical feelings control my patriotism and that needs to stop!

My family may not have fought in the 3 last major wars, we don’t hunt, or drink Coors Light. Doesn’t make us less real of Americans. I am grateful for everyone who fought for me to have the freedoms I have and I’m proud to represent America by living out my freedom being my truest self. Maybe one day I’ll get to go hunting, that would be cool, but I’ll never be fan of Coors Light.

Enjoy your Independence Day, as American as possible, by celebrating the freedom that so many have fought for! Do it with honor, respect, and dignity let’s not forget the struggle and lives that paved the way for us to be Americans. Let’s be respectful of each other celebrate our differences and most of all live our lives everyday as Real Americans!

Happy Independence Day America!

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