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Thrive Club

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Welcome to my first blog, an introduction to an idea I had to create a space where I can just be my genuine self. An idea that I can create a space that reflects many of the ideals that I truly believe in and hope that many of you believe in them too. This is not about politics or convincing people to decide on one thing or another. Its a place to be chill, positive, supportive, and an effort to influence you all to try something different, think a bit different, and expand on your experience as we fly through the universe living this life we live.

So Whats Thrive Club?

Thrive Club revolves around the concept of Thriving, so lets check out the definition of Thrive:


1. to grow vigorously

2. to gain in wealth or possessions

3. to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances

So with that Thrive Club operates off of an ethos with 3 pillars:

Cultural Growth, Gainz, and Progress

Cultural Growth - Thrive club is a representation of who we all are, whether you are the 1st or multi generational American, the idea is we focus on the cultural experiences of all. Though I have experienced many cultures I expect to grow even more culturally in order to have a better understanding of the world, and to better understand my brother and sister Americans. As I reflect on the definition of Thrive, we target growth to revolve vigorously around getting to know each other, and growing culturally so we can better understand our world as Americans.

Gainz - Of course we expect to represent a life that is building wealth, but let's not get confused with being rich, I said wealth. In todays world there are many ways to gain wealth and the opportunities are at our finger tips. Traditional ways of saving money are not necessarily aligned with current ways of not just saving money, but putting your money to work. Whether it is in stock, bitcoin, real estate, or E Commerce, there are many other opportunities to gain wealth and put your money to work. Why collect 3% a year on all your money when you can be gathering double digit gainz in stock? We should consider these things and other ways to maximize your income in order to support a direction towards wealth and a secondary incomes.

But gainz are not necessarily just monetary in nature, gainz can be achieved by reaching different types of goals that you set for yourself maybe in fitness, activity, or setting off to learn a new skill?

Progress - Outside of Cultural Growth and Gainz, developing personal goals is a healthy way to challenge yourself and keep from being comfortable. Whether its fitness goals, some new activity, education, or a new skill the concept is Be Better. Just Be Better everyday, we don't want to be as good as we were yesterday, we want to be a better version of ourselves everyday! Even if the goal is 1% better its still better and bottom line is we all have our own challenges, lives, and work that tend to get in the way of Progress. We are here to support achieving those goals and remind you to keep Thriving, keep Grinding towards those goals that we all know never happen over night, but always happen over time.

What Does Thrive Club mean to me?

I am a child of 2 dreamers who left their families and birthplaces for us to live the American Dream. In one way or another you are just like me, or you'r probably a dreamer, or the grandchild of one, either way what matters most is that at some point because of our work, our struggles, we are realizing those dreams. I’m the son of 2 dreamers my mother a Filipino and my Father a Haitian. Nothing was easy for either one of them, life was hard, but both of them had me here with hopes of a better life for me. Though I spent most of my life struggling and working hard at making it, recently it dawned on me, I'm not struggling anymore, Ive done pretty well for myself.

For some reason most of my life I allowed the struggle to settle into who I was, even when technically I wasn’t struggling anymore. I realized one day recently that I’m not that broke kid who was barely making it, I put in the work, I been thru the struggle, my family has been thru the struggle, and I am a product of their sacrifice. Truth was I thrive everyday, I thrive to be the best I can be everyday in so many different ways. So one day the opportunity to develop something to remind us all about our success came about and that is when I started the Thrive clothing brand.

I am starting Thrive club as a reminder for you, me, our families to recognize our success.

THRIVE the brand is a Vibe that represents Thrive Club.

There are many different roads in many different directions to success. Your direction is defined by the willingness to dream, plan, sacrifice, and endure. The work, the pain, and the struggle are the vehicle. Faith in yourself and in what you believe is the fuel. Luck and Timing is the Universe paying you off for the journey. Success is not defined for you, it is defined by you, own your success and Thrive!


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